Who We Are

Who We Are

Damascus Christian Education Foundation (DCEF) was established in 2010 to provide an additional funding source for Damascus Christian School.  The fund is designed to solely support Damascus Christian School in its educational and religious purposes.

A History of Excellence

Since 1975, Damascus Christian School has been providing Bible-centered education to Kindergarten through 12th Grade students. Supported and nurtured by a qualified and caring faculty, DCS graduates have an accomplished history of following God’s call to college and graduate level degrees, military service, mission work and successful roles in secular employment.

Through the 2005 accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools International, DCS faculty and staff continue to demonstrate their commitment to the highest standards of Christ-centered education.

The Price of Excellence

Excellence comes with a cost. Unfortunately for some families, that cost is greater than their resources. Year after year, prospective students are not able to enroll in DCS for financial reasons. Due to the periodic gifts of generous donors, financial assistance is available for qualifying students, granting them the opportunity to enroll for another year.

Investing in Legacy

Through a partnership with alumni, parents, grandparents and friends of DCS who strongly believe in the importance and value of Biblically based education, DCEF seeks to ensure that what we have today will be available for years to come.

 All families make some sacrifice for their children to attend DCS.  But every year, several families must make financial choices that ultimately result in their son or daughter leaving DCS. What price do you put on a life changed and shaped for Christ?

Investing in Opportunity

Every day, DCS is educating young men and women to live Christ-centered lives with a Biblical worldview. Would you prayerfully consider providing a way for these students to continue at DCS? Your gift of $50, $500, $5000 or more is an investment in lives that will radiate God’s love and grace to a world that yearns for the hope found in Christ Jesus.